!!! WARNING !!! All orders, questions and follow ups send now only to ganabol@safe-mail.net


INJECTABLE AS - available only in the US. Shipping is domestic within 5 business days after receiving payment. Shipping fee is $ 15.

LIQUID ORALS - same as Injectable AS, ships together, one shipping fee for both.

HGH & PEPTIDES - Available in the US and worldwide.


If you are in the US, shipping is domestic. The delivery takes around 2-3 weeks, but you don't need to worry about customs. The order goes first to a re-mailer, and then it is shipped to you domestically. You get a tracking number usually within 2 weeks. If the package gets seized on the way to re-mailer, there will be a delay. But you will get your order eventually. Delivery is guaranteed. 

If you are outside US, your order will ship out of China. One resend is guaranteed in case of seizure.

Shipping fee is $ 50.

POWDERS - same as HGH & PEPTIDES. Ships together, one shipping fee applies.