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We have been in business since before the year 2000. With 20 years of experience we are one of the oldest sources on the internet.
We sell finished AS (injectables and liquid orals), HGH, peptides, and pharmaceutical raw materials (powders). Global Pharmaceuticals is our brand.
We offer domestic shipping to our US customers, and worldwide shipping to our global customers.
You will find 4 price lists (INJECTABLE AS, LIQUID ORALS, HGH&PEPTIDES, and POWDERS) with product pictures and shopping cart feature on our website plus a complete product listing with shipping times and ordering instructions on one only page (COMPLETE LIST). You can also email us for the same price list to ganabol@protonmail.com or ganabol@safe-mail.net.
We offer quantity discounts for bulk orders of INJECTABLE AS and LIQUID ORALS. If you order 50 vials (you can mix and match injectables and orals) and more you get 20% off, and if you order 100 vials or more you get 30% off. 
Please read the shipping details and ordering instructions before placing an order.