!!! WARNING !!! All orders, questions and follow ups send now only to ganabol@safe-mail.net


How to place an order:

1. Send us your order. You can do it in either of the following 2 ways:


a) Place your order through the website using the shopping cart (include in the memo section what is your preferred payment method). Check the SHIPPING section first to know what the shipping times and fees are.


b) Email us your order directly via email to either ganabol@protonmail.com or ganabol@safe-mail.net (check the SHIPPING section first to know what the shipping times and fees are).




What your order is.


What is your country.

What is your prefer payment method.

If your order contains HGH or HCG specify from what list you are ordering it. This will make a difference in terms of price and shipping time. 

2. We will email you back with the total amount due, and with payment info. 

3. After you make the payment, email us the following:

a) the amount sent, and any payment details needed. In case of Western Union it is the mtcn, sender's name, town, state and country. Also attach picture of the receipt. In case of bitcoin email us the dollar amount as well as the bitcoin amount. 

b) your order

c) shipping address (including name!)

4. We will reply with a confirmation within 24 hours. 

5. Sit and wait till we email you the tracking number. 


How long will it take?

INJECTABLE AS - 5 business days after receiving your payment. Which can be up to 7 business days if you used WU for payment.

LIQUID ORALS - same as above

HGH & PEPTIDES - 2-3 weeks

POWDERS - 2-3 week


1. Bitcoin

2. Western Union (5% surcharge)

3. International bank wire (for repeated customers and larger orders)